Grace Shalom Hopkins
Grace Shalom Hopkins

I live in Hawaii with my husband and baby, both of whom are major parts of my business. Baby Bean is my co-host, mascot and helper. Callum is my editor, tech guide and overall brainstorming partner. 


I am the host of SPIN Weekly and the author of the SPIN Series. I empower spinners like you to transform the fiber you love into the yarns you dream of.

SPIN Weekly is released each Monday and is packed with helpful and playful content designed to spark your curiosity and equip you with the tools you need to begin spinning magical yarns.

Together we sit down in my living room studio and explore makers from across the globe, test out new techniques, discover new perspectives and giggle along the way.

The Show is brought to life by viewers (just like you! :P) through Patreon, which helps me know exactly what content YOU need to flourish.

The SPIN Series was born out of my unique perspective on spinning colour and texture. Each technique is applicable on ANY size or shape of yarn because it is my greatest desire to help you spin the kinds of yarns YOU want from the fibers YOU adore. 

My books are the recipe guidebooks that are written to teach you how to re-imagine your relationship with fiber. Instead of being stuck with the choices your dyers have made, you will learn how to step into a dynamic, living, collaboration with them!

My goal is to inspire, empower and equip you on your creative journey so that you can build a handmade life.