Grace Shalom Hopkins


grace shalom hopkins 


You control the colourway.

You make and break the rules. 

I am here to inspire & support your fiber-y journey by creating SPIN Weekly videos & connecting you with the wheels of your dreams!

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Since Spring of 2018 SPIN Weekly has been exclusively available to the SPIN Weekly Patreon Family.

By joining you can support the show and gain access to all future episodes. Think of it as a membership to a living library of fiber-y goodness, because that's exactly what it is! 

All members are equal and gain equal access. My goal is to make SPIN Weekly affordable for everybody. The cheapest is a mere $12/year, which is basically free! 

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be inspired


Looking to be inspired?

Are you stuck in a two ply rut? 

Do you feel like you are at the mercy of the dyer's choices?

Are you afraid to ruin beautiful fiber? 

I wrote the SPIN books for you!

BATT, ROVING, CARD, BLEND & DYE are designed to support you into stepping into the driver's seat of your fiber practice. YOU control the colourway! 

Buy the book and individual recipes here.

SPIN Weekly was created to demonstrate the techniques I wrote about in the SPIN series. After I finished making videos inspired by the books, I went rouge and starting filming loads of different projects! It's been a few years since the first SPIN Weekly episode and the VAST majority of the library is available for free on Youtube. 



I've spun on several wheels. I thought Spinolution might be a fad wheel.

In the Winter of 2017 my husband bought me a Pollywog, it was the beginning of a deep, hands on, adoration for Spinolution wheels.

These wheels have such a magical way about them, from their design to their abilities to their raw personality. 

They sang their fluffy song and I became a dealer.

If you are looking for a wheel that will make your heart dance, Spinolution is truly my recommendation.

I would love to help you choose the right wheel.