Grace Shalom Hopkins
Grace Shalom Hopkins

Essential Oils

If you are looking for a natural solution that isn't full of funky ingredients that might possibly turn future humans into mutants (not the cool kind, the crazy live under a bridge kind...) you will adore trying out essential oils. You might not ever go back to hiding the Scrubbing Bubbles under your hoodie at the grocery store out of shame.

If you are passionate about alternative healthcare, you absolutely must consider adding essential oils to your bag of tricks. They are often worth their weight in gold in preventative care - not to mention their other more "acute" uses!

If you are interested in grounding yourself spiritually and emotionally without, or in addition, to medicines, you may find that essential oils bring you a host of emotional benefits. Plus: there is something utterly blissful about the ritual of picking a fantastic smell to diffuse or wear.



Obviously laundry isn't my deepest joy in life but let's talk about how much better it is when things always come out clean and smelling great! 

I use Lemon and Tea Tree in my homemade laundry soap recipe to boost cleaning power and add a bright scent. I'm saving tons of money and my laundry loves it!

Fabric softener is something I've always skipped due to it's beyond gross ingredients, but now I use homemade dryer sheets scented with Wild Orange. Who doesn't want to smell like a Cutie? ;)


Bedtime Ritual

Going to bed is one of our favourite times together as a family. 

One of the cornerstones to our bedtime ritual is picking oils and adding them to the diffuser. We don't usually pick based on their therapeutic strengths but instead choose to follow our nose to the ones that light us up that night. 

Here are our most common choices:

Wild Orange & Lavender. 


Emotional Grounding

One of the most important aspects of my mental health (and parenting routine) is creating anchoring points. This means I connect positive emotions with certain rituals. 

For example we always do night time diaper in the same way so that she is anchored to the diaper change ritual rather than the location or time. This is important for our lifestyle. 

You can use the same technique with essential oils!

When I feel funky I go the cupboard and smell a few bottles until I find the one I connect with and then roll it on. The ritual of emotional awareness, reflection and action combined with the powerful aromatherapy of the oils helps me manage my feelings throughout the day.


What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the life force of plant matter! In other words they are the naturally occurring compound within plants that help them adapt and thrive internally and externally. While inside of the plant they serve all kinds of purposes such as protection and pollination. 

Once they are separated from the plant using special distillation techniques they can be used internally, topically and aromatically to help us humans adapt and thrive internally and externally!

If you would like to try a free sample tailored to your specific needs fill out the form and your package will be on it's way! You really have to try them to understand the scope of their magic.

If you don't wanna wait and wanna grab some oils right away, you can head here.

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