How to Spin Handpulled Roving

How to Spin Handpulled Roving

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Mariah of The Fiberess sent me some awesome fiber for BLEND (my next book all about blending board techniques) and tucked inside was this awesome handpulled roving! 

I decided the best way to showcase the fiber was to film a tutorial on how one actually spins this unique style of prep. 

Is it a batt or is it roving?! 

What is Handpulled Roving?

Handpulled Roving is an interesting hybrid of prep.

It's prepared on either carding cloth of some kind, like a blending board or a drum carder, or it was prepared on teeth, like a hackle or combs. 

Regardless of what tool was used to prep the fiber, the result is long like roving but airy and loose like a drafted batt. 

You can take this apart pretty easily and rearrange the fibers into unique colourways, which makes this a popular choice in my house. You know how much I like to take apart fiber and rearrange it in new ways!

But for people who dislike prep or enjoy a good roving spin, you can easily spin it end to end like any other roving. 

How do you prep it? 

Prep is basically just unlocking it from the chain it typically arrives in. 

It's chained because it falls apart pretty easily, because of that, I suggest unraveling a loop or two at a time and spinning from there, to prevent the whole thing from breaking into pieces

In the video below you can see how I execute this process.

You could go ahead and draft it, but most Handpulled roving is so light and airy it drafts from your hands like butter.

How do you spin it?

Spin that sucker just like you would any other end to end project! 

Join to your leader on one end and keep on going until you reach the other one. 

Thick or thin, smooth or bumpy, any style you desire!

What are some variations I could try?

Depending on the colourway and fiber content any of these ideas would preform beautifully on a nice braid of Handpulled roving!

- You could rearrange the colours following the Stripes From None recipe found in BATT, as demo-ed in this video.
- You could could spin a Monet Effect style yarn following the recipe found in ROVING, as demo-ed in this video.
- You could spin two contrasting Handpulled rovings together.
- You could ply with a yarn spun from a batt or roving. 
- You could hold pieces of Handpulled roving and pre-drafted roving or batt together and spin them simultaneously.

How do you spin Handpulled roving?

Let me know in the comments either here or on the video your thoughts on spinning Handpulled roving!