Mason's Medley Roving Combination Handspun

Mason's Medley Roving Combination Handspun

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Project Notes

Today we're spinning a Mason's Medley yarn from some really gorgeous semi-solid orange fiber and the fiber we hand painted together last week. 

I love how incredibly tonal this yarn turned out to be. 

Very much a contemporary tweed but without any of the prep work or colour consideration of a tweed. 

I literally took a Semi-Solid Batt Bundle (at least 5 kinds of batts and roving broken into tiny nests and spun randomly), added the roving and then tossed it in a plastic bag. When I needed a bundle I reached in and pulled out three orange and one of the rovings.

At random. 

This is the result. 

- Supplies -

Hand Painted Roving. Alpaca/Merino/Silk -

Burning Oranges Semi-Solid Batt Bundle Pack

ROVING The Book - Mason's Medley Recipe -