Handpainted Roving

Handpainted Roving

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4/10/2016 3 COMMENTS

SPIN Weekly No. 1

Today kicks off my newest project - SPIN Weekly! 

I am obsessed with art journal videos, soap making videos, card making videos and those Copic 3 marker challenge videos. 

One of my biggest self imposed boundaries was never create the same kind of video twice and it was so stressful!

I spin. I dye. I card. I repeat every day. 

When I got to thinking about this the little green fear guy was telling me I'd already produced all that I could and blah blah blah. 

Then I got to thinking - I consume hundreds of these silly demo videos a month and I've seen the same cold process soap swirling and the same distress ink watercolouring a bazillion times! I'm not board! Bring on more! More, more, more! :) 

Why not do the same thing with MY craft?! 

So ladies and gentlemen of the fiber community I give you SPIN Weekly! 

- Supplies - 

Dharma Trading Company Acid Dyes - http://goo.gl/c6eKzH

I used several Dharma dyes mixed together in the same jars to create this blend.

hese aren't pure Dharma shades. This is a dump cake style of roving to reduce waste. I find this is the best way to create incredible dye work! 

Paradise Fibers Alpaca/Merino/Silk 50/33/16 Spinning Fiber -