Combination Desending Width Self-Striping Handspun

Combination Desending Width Self-Striping Handspun

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Project Notes

We're rolling into our third week of SPIN Weekly with a gorgeous combination yarn! 

This technique has a long and very scientific name - but don't let that fool you. 

Combining batts is one of the most exciting things you can do in my opinion because you are taking two unique personalities and blending them into a single yarn - kind of like yarnie marriage.

This handspun would be great as a handfasting cord in fact! 


- Supplies -

Gray Lavender Batt by Grace Shalom Hopkins

Burgundy Batt by Grace Shalom Hopkins:

Blue Bamboo - Hello Purl
Valentine's Jar of Inspiration - Mielke's Fiber Arts
Rose Fiber - Luxe Fiber Designs

BATT The Book - Combination Descending Width Self-Striping Recipe