Unboxing Sarah Elizabeth Fiber Works

Unboxing Sarah Elizabeth Fiber Works

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Sarah Elizabeth is the second person who has sent me a lovely recycled box wrapped in brown paper, and as much as I adore some good graphic design, there is nothing more home-y than a package wrapped in brown paper. 

Her entire packaging reminded me of a care package from my Grandma. The brown paper bags and hand written notes, it was all special and you could feel her care shine through. 

One of the most amazing aspects of my books is the incredibly talented artists I am privileged to feature and share with you. As I begin work on my third book CARD I am also beside myself with glee to once again begin blogging and filming through the unboxing process. 

Today we are unboxing a package sent by Sarah Elizabeth of Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works! You can also find her on Instagram by her handle @sarahelizabethsphere or on Facebook.

The fiber itself is beyond spectacular. 

She sent high quality, clean fibers that are virtually free of vegetable matter. If you've ever looked for truly clean fiber it isn't an easy task. We generally accept the fact that sheep are dirty beasties and no matter how careful we are - there is always something that gets through. Sarah Elizabeth provided a darn near vm free box. 

The one fiber that has a little vm is the brown but she included a note talking about how the incredible quality of the fleece overshadowed a slight vm issue. As you can see it's barely anything and will all fall out in the carding process.

Theses fibers were clearly washed with utmost care because there isn't even a hint of felting. I envy her skills - I confess felting is still a huge worry for me. 

Most of the time I have a finished product in mind the moment I unbox a fiber but these guys are so perfect I kind of want to figure out how I can justify just framing them.

Let me know your favourite fibers and colours to combine with natural wool!