Unboxing Mielke's Fiber Arts

Unboxing Mielke's Fiber Arts

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One of the most amazing aspects of my books is the incredibly talented artists I am privileged to feature and share with you. As the packages supporting CARD come to an end and I focus completely on filming and writing the techniques, I am especially thankful to be sharing these last couple unboxing videos.

Today we are exploring what it's like to receive a package from sisters Andrea and Amy of Mielke's Fiber Arts

Ahhh packaging, my favourite ice breaker! 

Amy and Andrea sent me a Jar of Inspiration (or through their webpage here), which is a plastic jar filled to overflow with bits and pieces of dyed roving and sparkle. The jars come in several different colour families, but this one is Valentines.

This packaging especially is very unique. 

The jar itself an amazing way to showcase all the different fibers inside, like a kaleidoscope of wooly. I love how the different textures and colours look smushed against the clear sides. It reminds me of the unfelted paintings I used to do. 

The jar itself was rolled in pale pink tissue paper, with the sweetest twists on each end. Not like a candy, but a little rosebud kiss. The paper was held together by business card sticker. 

Inside there is a smorgasbord board of beautiful commercially dyed wool roving and sparkle. 

I'd never buy commercially dyed fiber by the ounce because I just don't favour the matte style. This however is the perfect way to bring in small shots of the matte style in to your blending. I've already begin using this fiber in a couple of technique videos and the contrast between the hand dyed and the commercially dyed is really beautiful. 

If your looking to add dept to your blending with commercially dyed fibers or you need little shots of colour, this is a great option!