Unboxing Dharma Trading Company Dye

Unboxing Dharma Trading Company Dye

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One of the most amazing aspects of my books is the incredibly talented artists I am privileged to feature and share with you. As I begin work on my book DYE I am also beside myself with glee to once again begin blogging and filming through the unboxing process. 

Indie dyers take note, this unboxing video features long time dye guru Dharma Trading Company

Dharma joined the ranks of supporters who absolutely BLEW me out of the water with their above and beyond package. 

I contacted them asking for five colours (I'm doing a super secret test and compare all of the major acid dyes project. It's going to be available right here outside of DYE The Book! Shhh, don't tell anybody!)  and they send me this incredible assortment of goodies. 

They included both the poster sizes colour chart and the matching single sheet version, which inspired me to turn the samples from my super secret dye project into actual swatch samples. You'll hear more about that project later here on the blog, however right now you can see some previews on Instagram

I'm planning on hanging the poster chart up in my studio. 

Also included was the Dharma catalog, which you can see peaks of in the video below. I especially enjoyed all the colour charts! 

However, the bag and stickers embody one of my favourite aspects of a business, branding. 

Many long standing companies choose to rebrand and play down the qualities they once highlighted, Dharma is playing a more authentic, and smart, game. They are more than happy to present their veteran roots in a way that is modern and visually appealing.

Their design choices show off the company's fun, approachable and light hearted spirit, but also speaks to their many years in the dye community.

Another way Dharma over delivered was sending these huge 2 ounce size dye pots. I'm excited to be able to use them throughout the entire DYE book and beyond! 

So far I've discovered the Dharma Caribbean Blue is one of my favourite teal dyes ever. Yummy! 

They also tucked in some super fine Merino roving and two skeins of Wildefoot Luxury sock yarn