battGrace Shalom Hopkins

Unboxing a Wren and Ollie Batt

battGrace Shalom Hopkins
Unboxing a Wren and Ollie Batt

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Many of you know that ROVING is not a stand alone book - rather she is part one of a five part collection called SPIN. The second book in the SPIN collection, BATT, is currently in the Happy Mail stage - the best of all the stages! This stage is characterized by the near constant arrival of beautiful packages from around the globe from amazingly talented fiber artists to support BATT.

One of these artists is Mia of Wren and Ollie.

"Each Wren & Ollie item is a unique creation and begins its life as a wondering moment translated into fibre form. Colours, fibres and textures are selected and prepared into a creative, luxurious batt, rolags or a continuous strand of roving and wound into a centre pull bump or braided. We use fibre as our paint and carders as our paint brushes."

Mia is a maker that understands the magical possibilities of fiber art. She knows that fiber is more than one or two dimensional art - it's a living and breathing thing.

A wondering moment translated into fiber!

Her batt was rolled into a perfectly smooth log and tied with a perfectly white ribbon. I immediately knew that this batt was one of those kinds of batts.

The Traditional batts that gently sway from one colour to the next with nary a hair out of step with it's surrounding kinsmen.

The Traditional batts that make die hard texture loving Art spinners drool more than a little.

I was right.