Unboxing a Wildethyme Batt

Unboxing a Wildethyme Batt

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Many of you know that ROVING is not a stand alone book - rather she is part one of a five part collection called SPIN. The second book in the SPIN collection, BATT, is currently in the Happy Mail stage - the best of all the stages! This stage is characterized by the near constant arrival of beautiful packages from around the globe from amazingly talented fiber artists to support BATT.

Steph and Laura of Wildethyme are two of these artists!

The first thing I noticed when I got my little bundle in the mail was the earth friendly packaging. From the 100% recycled mailer to the tag letting me know the stats, this package was put together with care for not just me but my planet.

Next I opened up the bag and the most lovely lavender aroma floated out to greet me!

Steph and Laura defiantly get a thumbs up from this packaging geek.

The mermaidian blues and teals in this batt are stunning and they dance perfectly with the texture from the fibers used. I especially love how well the fibers Steph and Laura chose flow with the watery mood of this batt.

The peppering of white firestar plays off of the add ins, highlighting the contrast between it's glitz and their buttery sheen. The flecks of bright yellow noil just makes the blues appear all the more true.

I couldn't help but lay my face against it right out of the package! It's so soft and with that inviting lavender smell, oh words are beyond me.

Working with this batt has already been a dream and it's not even on the wheel yet!