Unboxing a Nunoco Batt

Unboxing a Nunoco Batt

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Many of you know that ROVING is not a stand alone book - rather she is part one of a five part collection called SPIN. The second book in the SPIN collection, BATT, is currently in the Happy Mail stage - the best of all the stages! This stage is characterized by the near constant arrival of beautiful packages from around the globe from amazingly talented fiber artists to support BATT.

Candy and Lora of Nunoco are two of these artists!

The magical bit of Nunoco is these women didn't come to fiber through spinning, in fact they didn't spin at all until a little later in their carding career. Though they did have a background in felting - can you imagine the beautiful felted pieces that would come from smooth colour transitions like theirs?

They have since dove into spinning and become just as obsessed as the rest of us!

Look at that sparkle, there is just enough firestar, blended in just enough, that everything shimmers gently.

I also loved how nicely the sea green to yellow to pink transition was. During the drafting stage it looked a little muddy but once it was spun and plied it glides seamlessly together which yet again made me admire the talent behind the carders.