Unboxing a Nessaland Batt

Unboxing a Nessaland Batt

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Many of you know that ROVING is not a stand alone book - rather she is part one of a five part collection called SPIN. The second book in the SPIN collection, BATT, is currently in the Happy Mail stage - the best of all the stages! This stage is characterized by the near constant arrival of beautiful packages from around the globe from amazingly talented fiber artists to support BATT.

Vanessa of Nessaland is one of these artists!

Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile might recognize the Nessaland goodness from my Birth of an Art Yarn series about a year ago.  She just keeps getting better and better ladies and gentleman!

Basically Vanessa's super power is locks and taking ultra rich jewel tones and turning them into magic. You can spot a Nessaland batt a mile away because nobody has quite the same eye for texture and colour as this maker.

Another interested trait about her batts is they are build almost exclusive of commercially prepared wools. She has her beautiful cocktail of add ins to draw from but when it comes to rovings and combed top, especially the foundation layer that most carders consider a requirement, she is quick to provide a locky alternative.

Because there is all kinds of crazy texture going on inside you are going to get an awesome multitextured yarn - no matter what diameter you spin up.