Unboxing an Atelier des Bruyeres Batt From France

Unboxing an Atelier des Bruyeres Batt From France

Review Notes

Many of you know that ROVING is not a stand alone book - rather she is part one of a five part collection called SPIN. The second book in the SPIN collection, BATT, launched moments ago.

I want to harken it's arrival with one final unboxing video from the exceptional, and swag-ful,  Claire of Atelier des Bruyeres!

By now you've noticed how much I enjoy packaging and Claire did not disappoint me!

The minimalism of the graphic design balances with the earthy mood in the photos. The jewel tone pink tissue paper offers such a supportive background - I love how they are so perfectly matched.

Look especially at the tiny leaves, they remind me of vintage fairytale books. The entire mood of her branding is very fairytale actually.

When Claire first reached out to me she explained that her process of batt making typically started with the client, me, giving her inspiration to work from. A word, a photo, a character, anything.

For me this was an absolute delight and I plan on writing an entire blog post of this kind of work.

Of course I wanted Claire to shine through as much as possible so I gave her three different ideas and she chose "Healing Magic".

She sent me a kind of inspiration key, in chronological order, that shows just how detailed and magical this woman is!

Nature --> Trees and Earth --> Greens and Browns.
Spirituality --> The Sacred --> Purples.
Love --> Reds.
Healing Magic --> Energy through our veins --> Tree sap through the tree's veins --> Contrasting Silk.

Claire lives in France and surprised me with the most delicious swag from her recent trip to Paris.

Yes, that is French tea and French chocolate you are looking at.

No. It's even better than your imagining!

You can see in the video I already had a few bites. Actually, I ran about sharing with my husband and neighbor the moment the box arrived. They enjoy the occasional non-sheepy benefits of my job, giggle!