Reviewing Spinning & Dyeing

Reviewing Spinning & Dyeing

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What is it? 

This is your go to guidebook for spinning and dyeing - especially if your spinning tends to fall more into the "Art Yarn" camp. 

I would use this book as my primer if I was teaching someone to spin. It's a great 101 beginner's guide but it is also laden with information and inspiration that would thrill an intermediate or advanced spinner too. 

You can find Ashley's book trailer here and you can bring home this delicious book here!

Overall Rating - 4.8

Visually - 5

Starting with the tantalizing front cover this book is hands down, visually, the best fiber book I've ever laid eyes on. 

The layout itself is very open and minimalist - my favourite. The focus of most books is either on the words or on the photos, Spinning and Dyeing Yarn has a great balance between the two. 

The text is laid out in such a way that it is easy to read but also easy to skim back over for details during a project. 

With hundreds of beautiful, colourful and bright photographs illustrating each technique step by step, you won't have to worry about being a visual learner when you pick this book up.

Content - 5

There is a handy little 101 section on the different types of commonly used fibers which many spinners might find enlightening. 

There is an entire DIY spinning wheel tutorial! Enough said. 

Throughout the book Ashley has included interviews with other spinners and photos of fiber and handspun from many different fiber artists. This is particularly inspiring as you can see the different ways each technique can be executed. 

Lastly there is a going pro chapter which talks about the basics of starting a fiber business - including branding and basic photography skills. Very nice! 

For the beginner dyer and/or spinner this book is a goldmine of inspiration and instruction. The advanced spinner and/or dyer might find that these techniques don't challenge them but no matter your level it's worth picking up a copy to enjoy a beautiful refresher from a new perspective. 

For those who learn by reading there are detailed written instructions and advice. For visual learners there are stunning and detailed photographs. 

For those who enjoy "Traditional Yarn" you might find you feel most at home in the dye section as much of the spinning portion is focused on what we commonly refer to as "Art Yarn". However if you enjoy Art Yarn you are in for a delight! 

Understandability - 5

The instructional portion of the book was very easy to follow!

Originality Rating - 4

The only reason this isn't scoring a perfect 5/5 is simply because many of these techniques are considered building block basics and therefore many have been covered several times before. 

However! Every spinner needs these building blocks to survive. Ashley makes sure to cover them ALL in clear and easily understood way, setting this book apart from all the other fiber books.

Style-o-Meter Rating - 5

The fiber featured inside is sexy and there isn't anything "Polyester Granny Square" about this gorgeous book.