Dye Comparision Rainbow Roving

Dye Comparision Rainbow Roving

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Project Notes

Welcome to another shining week of SPIN Weekly! 

Today we are comparing and then spinning the fruits of our major dye house comparison series.

It's been so much fun to compare and contrast how each of these companies work out on Merino and share my findings with you. This is the culmination!

I hope you enjoy and feel empowered to choose dyes more boldly!

- Supplies -

Ashford Acid Dyes in Scarlet, Purple, Green and Yellow

Jacquard Acid Dyes 624 Turquoise

Cushing's Acid Dyes in Turkey Red, Purple, Turquoise, Green and Buttercup Yellow

Gaywool Acid Dyes in Tomato, Hibiscus, Daisy, Iris and Avocado

Dharma Acid Dyes in the following shades. 402 Fire Engine Red, 410 Kelly Green, 401 Brilliant Yellow, 422 Bright Aqua, 470 Berry Crush