Unboxing Luxe Fiber Designs

Unboxing Luxe Fiber Designs

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One of the most amazing aspects of my books is the incredibly talented artists I am privileged to feature and share with you.

Today we are taking a look at Luxe Fiber Designs! Fiber animal owners take note: They are a mill!

They sent me the most lovely swag bag of sample fiber along with roving straight from their mill store!

The roving itself is lovely, I would say as a total mill ignorant, that these rovings are totally the same quality as some of the bigger suppliers. The big benefit of buying your undyed from a small mill is you are supporting small growers and small millers. Chances are you will be able to inquire a lot more closely about the individual sheep too! 

Aside from the undyed roving, the addin's were incredible! She included so many beautiful locks and cardables. These have shown up in many, many of my projects and still are a common thing for me to reach for!

I found the silk thrums and the recycled shredded denim to be epecially interesting and unique!