Unboxing Camaj Fiber Arts

Unboxing Camaj Fiber Arts

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One of the most amazing aspects of my books is the incredibly talented artists I am privileged to feature and share with you.

Today we are taking a look at Camaj Fiber Arts!

Camaj Fiber Art's is nicely branded and consistent across the board which is one of my favorite things to see with makers. Branding should be consistent and memorable and she is both of those things!

As for the fiber itself the Soffsilk is magical. It's fluffy and soft and the sheen is unholy beautiful! I highly suggest you try this out as a blending fiber! I bet you could spin it alone but I actually think, like silk, the qualities of the fiber would be showcased better in a blend. I'm imagining yak/soffsilk! Woahza!

She included a sweet little Merino/Soffsilk blend and it was really nice! I'm not a Merino girl by any means, you know this, but I liked how the downy qualities of the Merino blended with the fluffy Soffsilk.