I am enthusiastic about inspiring and supporting your handspun life.


Grace Shalom Hopkins is a devotee of feminine knowledge.

What the heck does that even mean?! 

The guiding light in her life since childhood has always been to become a living library of feminine knowledge.

The Hermione of fiber. of cyclic living. of the earth's medicines. of herstory.

She keeps fiber knowledge by writing books, dealing Spinolution wheels and hosting the SPIN show.

She keeps blood mystery knowledge by attending births and supporting people with wombs from conception to death and walking alongside them at each change of season.

She keeps plant knowledge by studying and practicing herbalism, connecting people with ethical essential oils and advocating  a holistic healthcare model with "the people's medicine" at the heart.

She keeps the herstory alive by devoting herself to remembering and rewilding her life as a mother, woman & partner.