You control the colourway of your life.

You make and break the rules.

Spinolution Wheels

Spinning wheels as versatile and magical as you are.

SPIN Books

The SPIN books are my love letter to you.

SPIN Series

Inspiring and supporting your fiber practice through videos.

Are you stuck in a two-ply rut?

Do you feel like you are stuck with the dyer’s design choices?

Are you afraid to ruin beautiful fiber?

Do you feel like your fluffy fire has gone out?

The SPIN Series is my love letter to you.

Each book is written in as a unique and visually beautiful, choose your own ending recipe book. Each word and image is designed to support and encourage you as you step into the driver’s seat of your fiber practice. 

Want to see the videos I’ve made for each technique in the books? Check out these playlists!

See the spins unfold.


The SPIN Series was created to demonstrate the techniques I wrote about in the SPIN books. After I finished making videos inspired by the books, I went rouge and starting filming loads of different projects!

That was almost 4 years ago.

The SPIN Series Community grew into a beautiful supportive force through the SPIN Patreon family. The voice over version of each episode is now available exclusively to Patrons.

The SPIN Series Patreon Family is a big equal opportunity love festival. All Patrons, no matter their pledge level, gains access the videos.

The music only version of the videos, and early episodes, are available for FREE on Youtube forever.  


Meet the wheels you’ve been dreaming about.


In the Winter of 2017 my husband bought me a Pollywog, it was the beginning of a deep, hands on, adoration for Spinolution wheels.

These wheels have a magical way about them, from their design to their abilities to their raw personality.

Each wheel starts with smooth as melting butter mechanics and fine to bulky spinning abilities. Everything else is extra.

If you are looking for a wheel that support your fiber practice and make your heart soar, these are the wheels for you.

Let’s find the wheel of your dreams.